The Sun Also Rises E​.​P. (Rerecorded)

by Reflect

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First Demo, re recorded and remastered. now faster and louder.


released April 16, 2013

Written By Reflect.



all rights reserved


Reflect. Riverside, California

Hardcore punk band from Riverside, CA

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Track Name: Starlit
I do not like this. The cold solidifies my fears.
Everything is going wrong.
So tell me where to find you on nights like tonight. Tell me where to find you
. And do you know why I keep showing up in the strangest places?
we're not strangers anymore. I refuse to let go.
I cant want you anymore than I already do.
Just me and you. Take me home with you.
Track Name: Raw Deal
There's a significant rise in worries as of late. I think I wasted my filthy funds on things i'll never see. I keep jumping at the chance to escape my emptiness, but everytime I run away, you always find my hiding place. Sometimes when youre around my heart beats so fast I could fall to the ground. Sometimes. I fear that I wasted time with you but all those things eventually became mine. I had to search the darkest places. So many familiar faces. Sometimes when you're around I feel love. Sometimes.
Track Name: Fitzgerald
Things are still undeclared, but I'm sure no one cares. We live in constant movement; we're not there. Now with that said, I love you. I find you hard to find. Why should I live without you when you're always on my mind? She wrote back in her written breath when he wrote her letters before his death. She would also be laid to rest after he is laid to rest. Don't you know that its too late for me. I need you. No more second chances, no more trances when she dances
Track Name: A Song for Falling Down
Is this what you call a sanctuary? Is this what you call a home? A song for falling down. I've been stranded on this island I created with my mind. It took me so long to see the world in front of me. If I could go back now I would. I would so I could say I'm still not sorry for the things I've done. All I do is skate and fuck and melt my brains out. Crimes against humanity and slaves of their own device. These are things I can relate to, I see myself in their eyes. All I do is skate and fuck and melt my brains out. And I would be a liar if I said I didn't have doubts. Tonight is the night that we resign our pain and put our lives aside for greater things than us. NOW FALL.
Track Name: Undeclared
It's 4am and I'm wide awake. I snuff, I'm up, I'm up, I bake. Nothing is frightening- I know that life is just a dream. But sometimes it feels like its too much, it weighs so heavily on my heart. I was given so much trust and then I tore it all apart. I mastered the art of selling my dreams. The bastard of arts. Don't wake me up ..2, 3, GO! I'm not afraid to live because I'm not afraid of death, and I'm not afraid of death because I love sufficiently. I'm reaching for more and I'm begging for change. In more ways than one, the world is so strange. But I know a place where holy divers dive, where flyers take fight, where the wicked can finally rest. It's 4pm, I stumble home, I hope everyone leaves me alone, cause nobody else seems to see that life is nothing but a dream. Don't wake me up, don't wake me up.. I wanna dream 'til death comes calling me.
Track Name: Hope Splatters Before Your Brains Do
You don't have to understand, but you have to walk the line. If you don't do what they say, they'll call it a crime. And you'll never see the light. I will never understand, I'm not gonna walk the line. I won't do what you say, you're wasting your time. I will never see the light. (I) End is nigh (wont't), (SEE) full force (the) and I (I) am (won't) still working (see) for the strength (I) to carry (won't) on. (see) I'm yours (the) and you are (I) mine (won't) until (see)we die (the light). We'll give each other the strength to live (GIVE EACH OTHER THE STRENGTH TO LIVE).