Reflect E​.​P.

by Reflect

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released April 20, 2013

Songs written by Reflect
Recorded and mastered by Daniel Parkes
drummer of CRUSH



all rights reserved


Reflect. Riverside, California

Hardcore punk band from Riverside, CA

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Track Name: Self-Destruct
I stood there laying on the floor,
watching clouds has gotten old, and running scared has gotten old.
On my way to the end.
I want to blend the cultures but I'm afraid I've been wrong from the start.
Is this part of the plan on my way to the end?
I think I'm dying again.
I bide my time, fall into the sky.
Unable to stop. I say goodbye as I fall into the sky, on my way to the end.
Thee unrest is imminent!
Track Name: Into the Fire
Illuminate, dance in the the flickers
from the shadows of the flames.
Let it invade you before it can save you,
"seal my lips with the lips of your cold kiss so I won't speak again."
Demanding your breath and consuming your future
I separate the bones from the flesh,
I incinerate the rest!
You must let it invade.
And like a Moth to a flame,
you're lured to a place where elation must end
before it can truly begin.
and then,
It all ends.
Track Name: Love Kills
Today the sky was blue and bright,
a waste to spend my time inside.
I'll try to get these feelings right and all the while, I'll avoid the light.
The me inside is breaking through, and he wants to break you.
Loves you like no ones around, Loves you into the ground.
On a lifelong celebration, a permanent vacation.
It hurts to be in love with you.
Frustrating me like you always do.
I'd walk away, but If I stayed who's gonna break my heart like you.
I'm letting go but holding on, letting go of what causes harm.
I'm letting go but holding on, to open hands and riot songs.
Yeah, love is endless. LOVE KILLS! endlessly.
Love is that thing that keeps us standing on fences,
love is how we lose our balance and break our necks.
Track Name: Separation Anxiety
Trapped- that's how I feel sometimes.
But I feel alone all of the time. On my own is what I know,
so fuck the road you've paved for me.
I'll try and say it next, what my hero's have said best:
"It was love at first sight, I think about it almost every night"
When day breaks and I realize that all this time I spent on you,
I spent feeling so trapped.
I felt so trapped.